Nice hotel and facilities. Liked it so much in 2019 I returned in 2020

In 2019 I stayed for 3 nights, part of a deal for attending the timeshare presentation.

I stayed again in 2020 with a family member, this time booking a two-bedroom suite. It was expensive, but a treat.

The suite was very impressive and immaculately kitted out and maintained. A shared door opened to the bedroom which I used, which had its own bathroom (same type of room as I stayed in 2019). The living area had a well-equiped kitchen, table, chairs and a very large and comfortable sofa. This part of the room also had a balcony, which got the sun in the morning and was a pleasure to use. The bedroom attached to the living room was very nice and the bathroom was spectacular, with a large glass-walled shower and a large freestanding tub (there was even a TV in the bathroom!).

I particularly enjoyed using the pool and multiple hot tubs. My own preference was to be down at 7 AM when the pool opens in order to get the pool and hot tub to myself.
This year I explored the walk around the lake to the rear of the property. Again it was a well maintained paved walkway with piped music all the way around. An absolute pleasure to use as the sun was setting.

There is a small grocery shop with Starbucks, just by the pool, although 5 minutes up the road is the more cost-effective local Walmart!
There are other facilities including a restaurant, but I did not use them.