Palm Oasis Maspalomas

Our third day in Palm Oasis. Staying in apartment right next to hotel restaurant and on the path of all guests coming and going. initially this wasnt a problem.. until we couldn’t turn off our terrace light going to bed.

We tried every switch to no avail and decided to leave it on and enquire about it the following morning (we were all tired)

Upon waking we discovered our clothes that had been hung on the clothes horse had been stolen, my children’s swimming clothes along with husbands clothes.. my clothes (bikinis and sundress) still there.

I’ve reported to reception who have said they will investigate but I’m not very hopeful anything will be done as he seemed not surprised. I spoke to our neighbour holiday makers and their clothes were stolen also.

We now have to go out and purchase new swimming clothes for my boys and hubby and spend the rest of our holiday here extra cautious and uneasy.

I don’t want it to ruin our trip but it’s very unheartening to feel someone is stealing anything not nailed down.