Orbit One Vacation Villas

Orbit One Vacation Villas

Disappointed and angry

We have stayed here before a few times and loved it. We booked to stay again for 9 nights pre-cruise for April 2018.

We booked this on June 2nd 2017 and they took full payment of nearly £1,000 in $ at the going rate of exchange.

Last week Dec 14th we were checking our credit card account online and noticed that on Dec 8th we had received a full refund from Orbit One but of course, with prevailing rate of exchange, we had lost over £30 in the transaction.

Also Diamond Resorts or Orbit One had received interest on our money for 7 months. We had received no email or notification or explanation from Orbit One so we’re concerned about our booking especially as our time covers not only Easter but the US Spring Break.

Our agent contacted the resort and was told that they were closing for all of 2018 and that was that…

We have since talked to friends who stayed there last February and they were talking to owners who knew the resort would be closing for refit at some point so surely Orbit One could have ceased taking bookings. We have now had to find other accommodation and this has cost us £1,300 – so not only have we lost £30 on the exchange rate from the original booking and lost interest on our money but has cost us an additional £300.

Not on Orbit One…..We won’t be staying again.