Oceanaire Resort Hotel

AWFUL!! Absolute Rip Off :-(

Massively overpriced. Rooms are dark & dingey because there’s another building so close you’re looking at each other. To see the sea you have to crane your neck & you could see about 2 inches out one corner- how is this Ocean View??

Worst issue we had was that the wifi didn’t work – it doesn’t even work in the lobby! The manager lied & said there wasn’t normally an issue when other staff told us that they have terrible problems with it so they are changing companies.

The only discount they gave us was not charging us the resort fee- which is an added charge I didn’t know we had to pay anyway!

One of the main reasons I chose Oceanaire was because it had a 21+ pool. There are 6 sinners in here & people clearly get there early & leave their towels on them all day & that is apparently acceptable so in 3 days I didn’t get on a bed.

There is no housekeeping so they charge to have a clean towel

There is no hotel area- it’s just a lobby with a bar that’s not open til the evening & the cocktails weren’t good

I paid £300 a night for this & was very disappointed

The valets were really nice & very efficient at $8 a day & that is the only good thing I can say about the place!

I feel massively ripped off & would advise people to steer clear of this place