Timeshare Release - Allegro Vacation Club Complaints, Claims & Compensation

Occidental Vacation Club

Stay away from the Vacation Club Hagglers!!

If wasn’t for being haggled and feeling like I was being held hostage by the Vacation Club Salespeople( except the tattoo guy), I would give the resort 5 stars. So, stay away from the guys/girls who ask you to listen to a presentation for a gift. Trust me when I tell you that it’s not worth it. Even if you say no, they will wear you down until you say yes. They will tell you that once you become a member, all-inclusive fee will be $50.00 per day per person.

However, when you meet with the lawyer, you will find out the average all-inclusive fee, on average, is more than $100.00 per person, per day, in addition to your maintenance fee in the $300s, and your monthly payment fee. Moreover, unless you get a Special Vacation Plan, you cannot use your week during Christmas and Easter.

They will also bait and switch your vacation plan. I was under the impression that I was buying a junior suite, but found out I was purchasing a studio.

So, I said no after realizing their deception. But, instead of the lawyer letting me go, she went and got another sales person and made the person stay in the room until I signed. I wasted 4 hours at the vacation club presentation. If the aforementioned happened in the USA, I would have reported them to the better business bureau or law enforcement. So, I requested a refund for my deposit, which I’m presently waiting for.

Going forward, the management of Occidental should ask guests if they want to participate in a presentation upon checking in. If the guest agrees, then someone should contact them by phone to confirm. They should not allow hagglers to coerce guests/bother/deceive guests. For guests who opt in, they should provide them with surveys to provide feedback about their experience with the vacation club presentation.