Oasis Lanz Beach Mate

Oh Dear Oh Dear Thomson you’ve sunk to a whole new level

Well, I wasn’t going to bother writing anything, but reading some of the latest comments I feel that I must also add my two penneth worth!

Everything that I’ve read about this place is accurate and truthful depending on whether you’ve been fortunate with your room allocation or not as the case may be.

My experience was less than I expected which was hard to believe seeing as I’ve been here once before, and it was poor then!

Yes it is cheap, and its nasty, and its the timeshare tout epicentre. I found them very entertaining, I can’t believe that there are so many gullible people in Costa Teguise. No doubt we’ll all read about the terrible scams at some time in the near future.

With regard to the accommodation, to say it was poor is giving it some credibility. I likened it to a 1972 damp old caravan holiday. Its not all bad the grounds and pool are are very good and well kept, in fact if I had been offered to be put into a tent in this area I would of gratefully accepted.

Maid service was only the once and when she did come she never managed to move the numerous pieces of chewing gum from the floor, she did leave us new towels, and unbelievably they were harder than the ones they replaced. Ideal if you required a full body exfoliation!!

The room itself was unbelievable run down, ground in dirt obvious everywhere and the bathroom was an utter disgrace. Never any hot water, and when there was it only lasted a few minutes. It was ship shower rules for all. (2 minutes and that’s your lot)

The in house timeshare touts did tell me if I had booked with the Grand hotel group i would have been allocated a better room.

I’d read all the reviews prior to booking, I took the time and trouble to email Thomson and Grand hotels, I even translated it to Spanish in an effort to get a refurbished room. Alas, I failed miserably in my quest.

I even had a load of trouble with Thomson during the booking, but that’s another story see attached link.


Just to set the record straight my compensation was seating together all £38 worth! needless to say, I won’t be bothering to contact Thomson with my problems or observations they’ve already treat me badly I won’t be allowing it to happen again.

Jet 2 holidays here I come.