Grand Palladium Imbassaí

Grand Palladium Imbassai Resort & Spa

Bad experience for cost quality relation

We wanted to experience the heat of north Brazil during July and decided to visit grand palladium imbassai for 1 week.

It cost us 6500usd for my wife and 4 kids

From moment 0 we arrived, 10am and had to wait until 4 pm to get a noisy room beside the pool
Since we have a baby we asked for a change in the room which was granted in the end

That very same night we wanted to go out for dinner at one of the three restaurants and found out we could not due to the fact that we would have needed to make a reservation and nobody had told us about that.

We were gone during all day at the beach and in spite leaving express instructions of wanting to have the rooms clean when coming back they were most of the time undone

Of those restaurants available we found that only the one called brass has a reasonable service.
Japanese one has lousy fish

The Mediterranean , food taking to long to get served and when it does it arrives cold!!

We seemed to have insects or bugs in the room cause every morning we all waked up with several bites everywhere

People working there seem to be low motivated since attention is in general (only some exceptions) very bad with waiters having bad manners, cleaning ladies included.

Activities for kids are also too bad for babies. Babysitter doesn’t actually care if your kid successfully adapts to her moods or not.

Activities for bigger kids are lead by a woman with bad character and existing infrastructure is not really guaranteeing any fun…

Short and sweet: I don’t recommend this place at all

Bad price-quality

To much headaches for being on Holidays