We stayed July 24-31 2018.

It was a nice family trip however there were some negatives.

Based on these we will NOT return.

1)We arrived around 6pm and there was one check in person! Took us over 30 minutes until this person was free to start the check-in process which took another 30 minutes. This is where I also found out I could only book dinner reservations and any extras (family slime/ character breakfasts etc) with my “personal” concierge

2)The “personal” concierge is a joke and super sleazy! They make you go to concierge every day in order to make the simplest of reservations. These guys are used car salesman trying to sell you on a timeshare. Our concierge got us two reservations (Verdello and Wok Wok) However it was like trying to pull teeth.

He actually has the gall to tell my wife I’ll do a favour for you (getting a reservation at Spacewalker apparently is a “favour”) if you do a favour for me. We didn’t do a family slime or a character breakfast because we didn’t want to deal with him. Great job guys! You missed on over $200 in sales AND I didn’t go to your lousy timeshare pitch.

3)Most of the staff barely speaks English and can be rude. There were instances that they just ignore you as if you are not there or they completely don’t know what you wanted and they bring what they “think” you ordered. We ordered a chocolate milk for my daughter you get a chocolate ice cream cone! I asked for a hot dog I received beef and chicken skewers. Definitely good for a few laughs the first time but when it happens 4or 5 times it’s getting old fast.

4) Very little or any air conditioning in Sugarcane where the buffet is.

5)You can’t charge anything to the room. What’s the point of an all-inclusive if I have to bring my wallet to buy Nickelodeon stuff for the kids or a sand bucket on the beach.

6) Price gouging! I realize I’m a captive audience for some things but $30 for Imodium?!

7) The beach although beautiful has some of the roughest water I’ve seen in the Caribbean ever! You can not have young children enter the ocean!

8)I haven’t even mentioned that the hotel didn’t have running water, (that includes no flushing toilets or air conditioning) for about 12 hours


1)The rooms are fantastic! Great set up and very clean. We had a flat swim up suite. The pool you have right outside your sliding door was the highlight of the trip.

2) The food is good but not any better than some of the other all inclusive resorts we have been too.

3) The Nickelodeon Waterpark is a lot of fun and the kids (6 &4) had a ball. The character interactions were a lot of fun.

4) Plenty of chairs and covered lounges at the beach and pool. A definite plus as compared to other resorts.

5) Even though the Resort was 95% full you never felt crowded in any area. The beach and pool areas were expansive as was the Waterpark.

Overall the place was great for the kids however they need a lesson in customer service!!