Club Nautilus - Puerto del Carmen

Nautilus Lanzarote


Should be a great experience but isn’t

This seems to be one of these places that proudly advertise in the lobby how many Tripadvisor stars they accumulated, and once they achieve this status stop to care about their customers. Don’t get me wrong, this could be a great place. The units are new, clean, comfortable and a nice size but they are just to many things going wrong in this place.

It started at check in.

We reserved a double bed but they didn’t have any knowledge of that. To be fair they did sort it out strangely enough not by moving us to a room with a double bed but by moving the complete double bed from one room to another.
They couldn’t provide me with a map, I had to buy one The Wifi in the room only worked if I held my computer against the outside window, all other places had no reception. We travel with a 2 year old and in between our front door and the playground was our little patio. This place was covered in glass so I couldn’t let our little girl play there.
I called reception and they were going to send someone right away, Nobody ever came. I saw the guy responsible for this, cleaning another patio and showed him the problem.
He was going to take care of it, but of course didn’t.
He kept walking back and forth trying to ignore us. In the meantime, we had to lock our daughter inside the room (honestly) it was just too dangerous for her to come out and play.
Finally my wife borrowed some gloves and on her hands and knees collected 39 pieces of glass, all at our front door! Somehow this isn’t what guests are supposed to do the first they of their holiday.
The kitchen hood was not working, they were going to take care of it, but of course, didn’t.
Strangely enough, no one ever said hello while meeting you within the hotel, they completely ignored you.
Nowhere in the room is there a guide on how to use the complicated phone or even what the number of the reception was (200 if you are curious but not an obvious one to guess) There is a complicated bureaucratic system on when to clean, when to change sheets, when to change towels, all of the above change on different days for one strange reason.
We had some dirty pool towels but were told we couldn’t change them because it wasn’t the right day.
But they are dirty I tried – Yes Sir, was the response but they got dirty on the wrong day. If only they got dirty yesterday. Excuse me ??? I couldn’t believe my ears.
Get your act together guys!