Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf Club

Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf Club


We stayed at this resort this past weekend. We were there as an owner referral taking a tour of the timeshare with the intent to purchase. I will start with the beginning of this horrible stay and walk you through the whole terrible visit. First let me start off with saying when I booked the room I was told it was a one bedroom with a king size bed and a queen size pull out couch, but I will get to that in just a moment.

We pulled onto the property as directed by our GPS the gate we arrived at was blocked off and a security guard lazily walked over and removed a cone for us to cross over the construction zone to get into the property. We asked for directions to the welcome center and he said um yeah I think it is about four stop signs up that way. Really this is how you start off prospective buyers visit….

We arrive at the welcome center and it is pure chaos, noisy people trying to grab your attention with every step. Not at all the calm you look for at a resort for a vacation. We were checked in and told where our room was. I inquired about wifi, but was told it only works on two devices per room. REALLY!! We are a family with two teenage children what kind of craziness is this this is the first resort I have been to which did not have wifi included in the package.

We drove to our room and unloaded all of our bags took the elevator up to the third floor walked down to the end of the hallway opened the outer door then tried the inner door which was locked with a deadbolt. The room we were given had been double booked. We haul all of our things and our children back to the truck and drive back to the welcome center… still noisy and chaotic…walk up to the front counter and the girl behind the counter said “oh no what’s wrong” Another gentleman from behind her rushes up and says I have their keys for them. No apology, no offering to make things right, not even a free drink at the tiki bar. Nothing was offered to us to make up for their mistake. I was so fed up at this point I was about to leave but I decided to try and give them the benefit of the doubt and give the resort a shot.

We finally arrive at our room which is now right next to a construction zone with very limited parking and not a parking place in sight. We ended up parking up the hill in front of a whole different building. We open the door to our room and I immediately think this has to be a joke. We are put in a cubicle of a room. The master bedroom is a double bed which is hard as a rock. The pull out couch even smaller. The couch had a rip in the leather which someone tried to sew up with twine. The sheets were not soft and actually made us all itch. Now everyone in my group was ready to pack up and leave, but with the threat of being charged full price for this crappy place we decided to stick it out.

Here are a few of the highlights of our room:

Shower had mold growing in the tile on the floor of the shower, also mold growing on the ceiling of the shower. The shower leaked during each shower which left a huge puddle on the ground needing to be cleaned up, but there were only three towels so we were already short a towel to begin with.

There is no dishwasher even though in the updated model they try to sell you on has one. By the way if you look at the updated model it has green drapes. Not one other room in the whole complex has those drapes. All of the other rooms have the same horrible drapes as the room we stayed in. If you follow this logic the only rooms they have updated are the two they show you during the sales pitch.

The cornice in our room was loose so whenever the people in the room next to us who shared the outside door with our room left the entire wall would shake. These people decided to leave the first morning at 4:30 am the next morning the let us sleep in until 6:00 am.

There is supposed to be a complimentary trash pick up between 9:30 am and 10:00 am, but they did not pick up the trash in front of our unit so that evening I got to see a raccoon ripping the bag apart of our neighbors trash and carrying it away.

During the sales pitch which you are forced to listen to or be charged over $1000 for a three nights stay we were shown a lovely room which I would have been happy to stay in, but like I said previously this room does not exist for the average guest. I asked what was the time line and was told they had just started a 36 month remodel and 1/4 of the units were complete. This is a lie. Like I previously stated if you look at the rooms you will see all of them have the same drapes. If any of the other rooms had been remodeled they would have similar drapes to the ones shown in the sales pitch.

This place is a sham and I would not purchase from this resort ever. My family and I were highly disappointed with our entire stay. Thankfully we were able to leave the resort to have fun because being in our room made us depressed