Mizner Place at Weston Town Center


Beware of outright LIES to get you to attend a timeshare sales pitch


My wife and I liked the resort but we were flat-out LIED TO when we checked in.

We were directed to a desk across the room to get our parking pass and were told if we paid $20 for a “cruise-style” buffet lunch (it wasn’t even close to what you get on a cruise) we would get a $100 gift card for touring a new unit and giving our thoughts.

We specifically asked if it would be a sales pitch because we weren’t interested and the woman told us an outright LIE, saying it wasn’t a sales pitch and woiuld last no longer than 20 minutes. Well, it lasted 2 1/2 hours (on our first full day) and when we told them we weren’t interested, we were treated as if we were cheap or something.

The guy actually rolled his eyes at me when I told him we wanted our $100 gift card. He was downright rude.

The sales pitch started at $30,000, went down to $15,000 then $12,000 then finally $5,000 before we told them we weren’t interested in buying because we were already Hilton Grand Vacation Club members.

I hate liars and this woman lied right to our faces as if we were stupid, which I guess we were for believing her LIE.

When we went looking for her, she was shockingly not available until after we checked out. Convenient, eh?

We were told the woman who LIED to us wasn’t an RCI employee but I don’t care. RCI representatives sent us to her so I hold RCI responsible.

Somebody owes me 2 1/2 hours of my life back. I’ll never stay at this resort again just because of the LIE I was told.

We chatted with a man in the pool who had the same story to tell.

Congrats, Mizner Place. You’re scaring people away one at a time. (The bed was also hard and uncomfortable.)