Marriott's Villas at Doral

Marriott’s Villas at Doral

Party hotel with uncaring staff

Booked this hotel for what should have been a relaxing night between two full days of travel. Checked in around 11PM and as my family headed to our room, we heard some signs of partying. By 11:45PM the partying had escalated two villas down with people inside and outside being loud and obnoxious. I understand the hotel can’t control or predict that someone will book a room to party in. The disappointing part of this experience comes from the hotel staff’s interactions with me about the incident.

I made my first call to the front desk and was told they would look into it. Fifteen minutes later I hear the party goers complaining loudly, directly outside my door, that security told them to calm down.

At 12:45AM, party was still in full force. I called the front desk again and was told that security had been unable to locate anyone partying. I informed front desk that the security guard definitely found them and had spoken to them. Front desk told me he would look into it.

At 1:30AM, party was still in full force. Called the front desk again and was told that the security would go back down there. Front desk also told me, with an attitude, that I should go outside and see what was happening for myself or go outside and talk to security. Informed front desk that I did not want 30 drunk people knowing that I was complaining about them.

At 2:30AM, party still ongoing, I called the front desk again. Informed cops were there to throw them out. Front desk was speaking with obvious disdain to me at this point, as if I was annoying him with my calls about this situation.

Finally, by 3AM the party was over.

Spoke to the front desk manager the next morning and voiced my concerns. Got the canned “we’ll use this as a training opportunity” answer 3 times out of her and nothing else. Honestly don’t believe she cared all that much.