Marriott’s StreamSide Evergreen at Vail

Surprised this was a Marriot property

In all the years I have been staying at Marriot this has to be one of the worst experiences I have ever had! I am sitting in a hotel with no power typing this and when I asked if I could change hotels and be credited back for this night their response was “we will work with you” REALLY???? I think the answer should be absolutely!!! Just be prepared if you stay here, the place is dated and also very loud from the highway 70. The two good things I can say about this place is the concierge and the room service was great! Other than that I compare these accommodations to a 2 star hotel. You can tell their staff isn’t properly trained on company policy but they are very polite. I can say this stay did help me make our decision NOT to be a Marriot Vacation Club owner!!!