Marriott’s StreamSide Douglas at Vail

Absolutely no customer service.

I’ve been an owner of Marriott Vacation club for decades. I was excited to experience this property for the first time, yet my trip turned into a complete disappointment. There is literally no customer service at this hotel what so ever. Forget the dingy interiors that have not been updated since the 90’s. I spent a fortune for a package to be shipped overnight to me while on property. According to UPS the package arrived as expected, and was signed for by Cole at the Front Desk.

Upon arriving back at the hotel that day, I was told by the very same Cole the package did not arrive. I spent three days bouncing back between calls from UPS and the Front Design trying to locate this package.

I was told MANY times I would be contacted by the hotel manager to discuss the situation. I’m back in New York now – still waiting for contact. The package miraculously showed up the day I was checking out, and THE PACKAGE EVEN HAD OUR ROOM NUMBER LISTED ON IT.

The incompetence of the customer service at this hotel is absolutely a joke. And still no word from the manager of the hotel. So I email back the representative who was trying to get me to go to a sales meeting to buy more Marriott – Zach Hendry for assistance.

After a few of my emails go ignored, I then learn Zach isn’t even on property. I email several more times for assistance, and was simply told my emails were ‘passed along to management”. Do not stay at this property, and by no means BUY anything Marriott vacation points.

Once they have your money, they can’t even return an email or address a simple concern about a misplaced package.