Marriott’s StreamSide Birch at Vail


I started itching about 4 days into 1 week Vacation. Upon returning home I was scratching Violently. I went to the doctor $100 visit and was diagnosed with bedbugs/scabies. They are little 8 legged creatures/parasites that get under your skin of its host and bury its body deep under the skin, then produce larva and the eggs hatch producing more. A very serious condition if not stopped, producing sores and scabies that itch like the devil.

You have to use a pesticide cream $90+ to put all over your body from head to toe. Oh, by the way, the cream’s ingredients is a Neurotoxin to your brain permethrin via google has a more natural product that I also bought. I have used both it’s been 1 week and still itching furiously. Scabies from the bug remain under my skin taking weeks/ months to die off and the skin to heal. What a nightmare. Furiously washing all bedsheets and clothes and towels on a daily basis with a bedbug detergent I bought online to kill the bedbugs, it’s eggs and larva.

If that weren’t bad enough the hotel has curb where you pull your luggage over whereby the luggage cart fell on my head. I suffered a blow to my skull that practically knocked me out and a 2′ bump shortly thereafter. I’m glad I’m still alive after these two experiences at this hotel/timeshare. Plus your 4 miles from Vail, you are not in town and have to take a shuttle everywhere unless you drove. The hotel room is dated, small and only had a pullout couch and a Murphey bed, very uncomfortable I might add. Worst hotel and trip I’ve been on.