Marriott's St. Kitts Beach Club

Marriott’s St. Kitts Beach Club


We have been MVC members for over 20 years. This is my first bad review of a property. We had a ground floor villa that was supposed to be oceanfront but any view of the water was blocked by a seawall. We chose this resort for its beach and water activities. This beach literally had 3 feet deep and 30 feet in from the shoreline of seaweed that smelled like sea life rotting in the 100 degree heat (which it was). The beach was essentially closed and not usable whatsoever, not to mention the smell which was so overwhelming that we became physically ill to step outside our villa or leave the door open at all. We were given NO notice of this before we spent $3500 and a day to fly to this remote location. Even when we checked in we were not notified that there was a serious problem with the property. In addition, on the seawall in front of our villa was a spiderweb about 25 feet long and 2 high filled with dead bugs, and on the ground were 100s of holes in the ground where the tarantulas lived. I can only assume the place would be crawling with them at night. The grounds were bare, no flowers or bushes or color – it looked like a desert. The pool had old chairs and plain pools with no features. Not one person was on the beach. No manager was available to talk with us. There were no other hotels available on the island. I understand a new Hyatt will be opening soon. After several calls to MVC, who was not willing to assist us at all with finding other accommodations, we contacted the Four Seasons on a neighboring island and chose to spend our week there after already paying full points for the MVC week. After being MVC members for over 20 years, we have still not been called back for resolution of this matter. We are very disappointed in Marriott and are questioning our investment with this company completely