Marriott’s Shadow Ridge – The Villages

Will Skip it next time

I normally stay at Marriott properties because I appreciate their attention to detail. Yes, I do price comparisons because after all, I AM on a budget however if it’s only a few dollars difference I’ll stick with Marriott.

When I booked I had no idea this was a timeshare vacation rental property. I was in PS for an active weekend that didn’t include any time by the pool or enjoying the on-site amenities.

First, this property is HUGE from your check in to your room you could easily drive 5 minutes The check-in itself was quick, almost got lost going to my room and then drove around twice looking for parking. Up to my room, I go only to find the back windows open and an industrial fan drying out the room. When I called the front desk to inform them of the state of the room I was asked “what would you like us to do”.., really?? Um ok yeah I’d like a room that isn’t under constructions, please.

So I waited 15 minutes for my new room key to arrive and gave up. Back to the car back to the lobby. Where I walked in and politely inquired about my replacement room. A manager was called to assist me as the front desk was quite busy. I said I called about my room not being ready… “oh what is wrong with it?” … I guess the message wasn’t passed on. I explained the state of the room and again I was asked: “what would you like us to do?”

When I asked for an upgrade, they couldn’t because it was a vacation property, when I asked for late checkout, they couldn’t because it was a vacation property. When I finally got to my tiny room I couldn’t have a glass of wine because I didn’t want to drive 5 minutes to whichever on-site property was still open.

Unless this is a destination resort and you plan on taking full advantage of the facilities I suggest you skip it.