Marriott's Royal Palms Timeshare

Marriott’s Royal Palms

Stolen Jewelry

DO NOT STAY HERE! Many very expensive things were stolen from me here and even though I call every day, not one person has helped me!!!

The story:
My brother booked a place here for my family because he’s a platinum member and has stayed in a downtown Orlando Marriott 3-4 nights a week for 2 years now.

I left a toiletries bag that contained a family heirloom bracelet and my original retainer, among other expensive toiletries/ jewellery. I realized it was not with me the same day we checked out and we called right away. They said to call back in the morning to check with housekeeping.

Housekeeping eventually called me back after a suspiciously long time said nothing was found. That is impossible, I know PRECISELY where I left the items in the room and I was the last one to leave.

Front desk said all they could do is file a claim with Liberty Mutual but Liberty Mutual hasn’t called me either, 1 week after Royal Palms said they would!!! I call Liberty Mutual several times but no one has called me back!!

I was born missing half of my adult teeth so the dental bills alone just to get a new one total $1,000. That price does not include the braces I may need if my teeth have moved too much.

Someone from Marriott better help me now or this is going to blow up into an even bigger problem. My brother is already thinking of moving him and his team to a different hotel chain. I just looked up the prices for where he stays…not including his daily meals, it would be a loss of $38,000 yearly for just him alone. Your move, Marriott.