Marriott’s OceanWatch Villas at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach

Loyal Marriott Owner Very Disillusioned on treatment!!!!!!!

Have been a loyal happy Marriott Oceanwatch owner since it practically opened. We own 2 weeks here and just purchased destination points last year. We also got friends that also joined last week for the first time and purchased 4000 destination points.

Treated really good when handing out money. We had the week at Oceanwatch starting 10/9/16.

We left NJ to wait out the storm in NC. Called the hotline on Saturday and they said the resort was hoping to open Monday.

Made reservations at a Fairfield Inn in Myrtle Beach. Called the hotline on Monday and they said they had damage and were hoping for Wednesday opening now. OK extended our hotel stay. They wanted us to come in for another presentation since we were in Myrtle Beach for Wednesday which we did and as of that day they were hoping for a Friday opening at the resort.

We decided to stay at the Fairfield to try to get in at least 2 days at Oceanwatch.

Final hotline reported it was not opening till Oct 21st. OK more damage than they thought.

Purchased an Encore package from the presentation and Encore supervisor John said 3 times and promised he would definitely get back to us that night about finding out any compensation for the storm.

WELL you know once we signed the Encore package that we of course did not hear from him. Sent an email to Him and MVC headquarters in Orlando and Orlando called back saying should have had insurance. REALLY? By the way John has yet to call or email back. A billion dollar corporation that is forgetting about their loyal owners?? Very upset. Have been always happy with Marriott and always bragged how wonderful our timeshare was to everyone. I am not expecting a complete compensation but just something to show that we don’t have a complete loss or some respect?

We paid out a large maintenance fee for the year and have nothing to show for it!!