Marriott's Oceana Palms

Marriott’s Oceana Palms

Rude Staff

Stayed here for a weekend with family, checking in left a bad taste in my mouth from the very beginning. The staff was very unprofessional and sarcastic. They lack training and people skills. Their approach is extremely abrasive. I didn’t appreciate their tone with me upon checking in, and even on my way out.

At most places checkout is at 11am, not at this resort, so it was definitely an honest mistake. We were about to walk out the door when we received a call at 10:50am from someone at the front desk that was EXTREMELY rude. She didn’t even greet us, no good morning or anything.

Marriott: “Ma’am are you leaving?”

“Yes, we are just walking out the door now.”

Marriott: “Ok WELL, check out was at 10am.”

Oh I’m sorry, I thought it was at 11am. It was my misunderstanding.

Marriott: “WELL, you signed a paper saying you would leave at 10.”

We’re leaving now, I’m sorry.

Marriott: “WELL, I’ll be sure to send somebody up to check…”

The property, amenities & the beach are beautiful but sadly, I will never come back here again. I am loyal to Marriott, but I don’t recommend this resort at all. The Marriott PR/Marketing team should know that a bad experience will override aesthetics. I hope they get it together for the sake of future guests.