Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas II

My updated review is based upon a recent experience I had as a RESIDENT of Palm Desert…rather than as a GUEST of the Marriott Villas in Palm Desert.

I am a rather new resident of the Coachella Valley and live close to the Marriott Villas. Up until this recent experience, I used to walk to the Marriott and spend money in the bar for their overpriced drinks. In addition, I frequently walk on my lunch hour since I work from my home nearby. Last Thursday, I had a very disturbing experience with one of the Marriott Villas’ shuttle drivers.

I was walking southwest on Cook Street and was crossing the entry to the Villas from Cook Street at approximately 12:35 p.m. The shuttle driver was so intent on seeing a break in traffic heading North that he almost hit me…and kept going! I had to jump for my life, screamed at the driver, and in the process sustained a pulled muscle injury to my neck and upper back. The driver never even stopped to apologize and even acknowledge his near miss. As soon as I got home, I called the Marriott Villas and talked to a representative. They seemed very concerned…until they found out that I wasn’t a guest of the Marriott…then they could not give a damn.

Originally I was told that Loss Prevention would check the cameras at the entrance/exit to see which van it was…blah blah blah. I got a call back from Loss Prevention but I wasn’t available to answer my phone, so I called back. The manager wasn’t available, so I was promised a return call that NEVER happened. I tried calling again on Monday and – again – when they hear I’m not a guest, they blew me off and basically said “too bad, so bad…it’s your word against ours and cameras don’t view that far to the street.”

Just when I thought about buying into the Marriott vacation club…now MY answer is: Too bad, so sad! I have Shell Vacations Club (Wyndham) and Hilton Grand Vacation Club programs, but you can be assured that I will NEVER buy into the Marriott or stay at any of their properties.

Unless you are a paying guest, your life means NOTHING to them! Now it looks like my lawyer may need to get involved…