Marriott's Desert Springs Villas

Not Even Close to the 4-Star Billing They Give Themselves
Unfortunate Conditions of Living Quarters

Marriott Desert Springs – Palm Desert, CA


For over an hour they tested the fire alarm system causing total discomfort, disruption, and a migraine headache. People from many units were outside trying to find out what happened because Marriott did not inform us this test would be happening. Nor did they give us the opportunity to leave during that time.


• Broken coffee pot in main living (ML) area – replaced when we called
• Upon arrival, kitchen faucet was leaking and the washer had to be replaced
• Ragged linen
• Broken utensils – while turning over bacon the spatula broke flicking hot grease all over the place. Someone could have been injured
• Curtains in bedroom not hanging properly because some of the hooks were broken
• Lint screen in washer all crumbled up and needs to be replaced. Difficult to remove lint.
• Missing utensils were delivered to us upon arrival.
• Windows were filthy!


• Roach in 2nd bathroom of 2nd bedroom
• Broken coffee pot in 2nd bedroom
• Musty smell in 2nd bedroom – which is why we burned incensed and candles
• Missing pillow from couch in 2nd bedroom
• Ragged linen in 2nd bedroom
• No clock in 2nd bedroom
• Windows were filthy!