Marriotts Imperial Palms

Marriott’s Imperial Palms Villas

Consider another Orlando area Marriott Vacation Club Resort

After staying at numerous Marriott resorts my wife and I both feel that this was perhaps the worst resort we’ve ever stayed at. The logistics of having to take a shuttle to the Marriott world resort pool and having to walk through a lobby of a hotel with my family in swimsuits and carrying toys while business convention attendees were everywhere should’ve been embarrassing to Marriott. Furthermore, the activities that were offered by Marriott Imperial Palm Villas were a very big disappointment. Most of the programs for kids charged a fee that was as much as if parents were to take their kids off site to participate in the same activity.

While checking in, I arrived at the resort at 12:00pm hoping to check in early if possible seeing as though I had three children anxious to go swimming and start their vacation. I can understand the room not being ready right away but after I checked back in at 2:00pm and then again at 3:00pm the room still wasn’t ready. I was awaiting a phone call all afternoon to inform me that the room was ready and then all of a sudden at 4:00pm which is the official check-in time, the room was miraculously ready.

Furthermore, the websites for these resorts advertise access to the Marriott World Center pools with a slide. Nowhere does it mention limited hours of the slide because it needs to be staffed by two Marriott employees. This brings me to another concern, on two occasions during our one week stay children needed to be assisted by adults who were not even in the pool after a child went down the slide. Both times a child was having difficulty swimming after landing in the pool and the slide attendant who was poolside say there and watched. They’re quick to say they’re not lifeguards so what’s the point of them sitting there? I also witnessed a poolside attendant sleep for a straight 30 mins which was noticed by multiple parents. The attendant who was at the top of the slide even noticed the poolside attendant sleeping and made mention to another employee, however, nothing was ever done about this. The pool area was filthy and not up to Marriott standards at all.

We have never complained about a Marriott property in all the years we’ve stayed however we will not be recommending this any of the three resorts to located in this complex to anyone we come in contact with. We will stay at the Horizons resort from now on where we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in the past!