Marriott's Harbour Lake Resort

Marriott’s Harbour Lake timeshare

Something better than this one because management is problematic

I had to agree with one of the reviewers that this might be the worse Marriott resort I have ever stayed.

1. facility: it is an outdated resort and many things don’t work or go cheap: two hair dryers are both out of order, the sleeper in the living room is broken, the mattress is too soft, the room is at least 200 sqft smaller than other resorts I stayed, the waterpark is not open, and you have to buy ping pong balls if you want to play. The elevator is noisy and slow.

2. We got wakeup calls 3 mornings in a row to ask us to join the timeshare marketing seminar.

3. Check out at 10am: This is the earliest check-out time I have ever heard at Marriott. If you want to be kicked out from your room at 10am, please feel free to stay at this place.

4. Management: the manager at the front desk is terrible. He (Tom?) will make you feel that you are not his customer but his employee or enemy and totally ignored the fact that you have been a loyal Marriott elite member for more than 10 years. He will ask you to pay for something that is not an issue at any other Marriott resort or hotel I ever stayed. Unfortunately, all his staff have been trained in the same tone. Before they talk about what service and accommodation they can provide for a loyal customer, they will talk to you about how much you need to pay.

The bottom-line is Harbour Lake resort, bye for good. I don’t see the Marriott spirit here at all.