Marriott's Cypress Harbour Villas

Marriott’s Cypress Harbour Villas

Why would I buy into this?

We only needed a night or two so that we could meet our grown son, who lives in Florida, and he planned to stay with us. We are not members of Marriott Vacation Club, but we have stayed at Grande Vista for a couple of nights. We wanted the extra space so that our son could stay with us.

Check-in was great; everyone was friendly. My daughter asked about the nature trail, and we were told by the clerk at the front desk that she had never been on it because she heard there were gators and snakes on the trail. Enough said there; we skipped that.

Upon arriving at our unit, everything looked great. Then we discovered there was only one bed in the second bedroom. Nobody wanted a pull-out, so my son went back to his place 1-1/2 hours away. After going to the bathroom, I found that we could see through the glass shower wall from the bedroom in detail. That was fine. We could live with it…..until the next morning.

It took at least 10 minutes to get warm water. I had to flip the shower handle around a few times to find out where the hot water was located. It was only lukewarm. So I went to the 2nd bathroom to get a shower. I got up early, so that was no problem. I let the water run a few minutes to an acceptable temp., then almost got in the tub. I looked down at the water accumulating in the shower, and there was white globs of soap and scum. No way was I getting a shower here. I went back to the big bathroom and decided I’d brave the colder water, which had now warmed up a bit more. I got in the shower and felt like I was putting on a show to anyone in the BR. My husband said the same thing. Our daughter refused to use her bathroom and came into ours while we went outside. She took a quick shower, let me tell you. But because of all of us having to use only one bathroom, we were late checking out.

That’s another thing. Can you believe for a stay of one night (we would have stayed longer if things were more acceptable and if our son could have stayed with us), we had to check out at 10 am? Good grief!

The unit looked dated and worn out, even though we were told at check-in that they were putting us in a newly renovated building. Ha! Newly renovated, but dirty and not really finished construction-wise. The bathrooms were missing some moldings and weren’t finished off. The walls in the bathrooms were filthy, and all doors were grimy on and around doorknobs. Bugs were everywhere.

I’m glad we didn’t use the pool or public areas. Can you imagine how clean they might be if housekeeping could not clean one bathtub?

The outside lights stay on all the time and cannot be turned off. So if you go out at night, be prepared for a million bugs to come in when you open the front door. There was also something about the security that I felt very uncomfortable with. The gatehouse was fine, but there was something unnervy once we got into the unit.

This place would be so beautiful if housekeeping took a little more time. I’m used to staying in hotels and motels, over 50 nights a year. I’m used to bugs and a little dirty housekeeping. But why would I want to pay over $8,000 and up to $20,000 to join a MVC to get a dump like this? Once you book and stay a night, how would you ever get out of staying anywhere else during your vacation?

I will never again book a stay at Cypress Harbour!!