Marriott Crystal Shore

Marriott’s Crystal Shores Timeshare

Worst customer service in 25 years of travelling…..should not be a Marriott

I travel a ton for work and pleasure (over 110+ nights/year), and I have an appreciation for the myriad of obstacles that hotels are faced with at times. I have never, in 25 years of travel, been treated worse than I was by Marriott’s Crystal Shores. I am a Lifetime Marriott Platinum Elite member and had a reservation cancelled, with no alternative given, 2 weeks prior to my arrival date for a wedding in November. Was I called and informed of this? No. Just a standard Marriott “here is your confirmation for the cancellation that you requested” EMAIL. I did not request a cancellation. When I phoned the resort, I was informed that the resort sustained damage from Hurricane Irma and they were cancelling selected reservations. The Hurricane was on September 10th. The cancellation was sent October 27th. I had received not ONE communication from Crystal Shores, or Marriott, indicating any anticipated issue, in the almost 7 WEEKS since Irma. Now I have a wedding in Marco Island, with no reservation, a non-refundable plane ticket, and less than 2 weeks to find another alternative, 100% out-of-pocket. No apology from the resort. No accommodation option at the JW Marriott, which is right down the street. Whatever you do, stay somewhere else and hope that Marriott removes Crystal Shores as a property. It does not deserve the name.