Marriott's Canyon Villas

Marriott’s Canyon Villas

Can’t recommend the Studio

Stayed in a Studio Suite. Room was very small, not enough room to open up 2 suitcases. Sofa stained, bed not great. Similar to a 2 star hotel experience on the inside and around the building (Construction at the foot of the stairs and parking lot had dirt, wheelbarrows, and tools scattered about).

Noise coming through adjoining room door was very loud — staff was kind enough to switch us to a different room on the first day as the neighbour had shouting kids (worse was the dad screaming profanities at the shouting kids to shut-up). It was like we were in the room with them. Not the fault of the hotel, but the adjoining door setup is not ideal for noise isolation.

Received an email saying the main pool would be closed but all others open. We were okay with this. When we arrived, turned out the toddler pool (our main attraction) was also closed for the first half of the stay without warning. Poor communication here and very disappointing for our toddler.

Only 1 restaurant which closes early. Perhaps if you go in thinking this is more like a VRBO experience than a resort experience you would be less disappointed — and maybe the large Suites would have provided a better experience?

Similar to other reviews, on our last day housekeeping pounded loudly on our door at 8:00am, I guess to roust us out of bed and get us on our way? As final icing on the cake, a few weeks later telemarketers will call you to sell you more vacations/time shares etc. Awesome.

Should have just stayed at the JW across the way….