Nice rooms – lousy service and support

Readers, I checked into this hotel twice in one week (first day and last day) as I was touring Florida with friends and we flew in / out of Miami.

When we arrived they had upgraded 4/5 of our group. Unfortunately, I didn’t even have a room despite the rooms being paid in advance. The hotel actually then told me I’d have to take their ’emergency’ room. The room was very poor.

To add insult to injury – on check out they tried to charge me $18USDs to cover wifi, breakfast and happy hour. The delay in finding a room for me meant I didn’t have time to enjoy any of that…. I refused to pay it but I find, on my return, that they have still taken the charge from my credit card.

Coming back was better, they had my room and they had upgraded it to a lovely big suite. Was pleased. When I got to the room the smoke detector was bleeping (low battery I assume). I went out for the night and advised them that it needed to be sorted. I returned at 0100 for sleep only to find they had done nothing. It was still bleeping. I went to reception to complain and he gave me another room key…. asked me to move….. no help with the bags, packing, no apology, no explanation… and then had the cheek to ask me to immediately return the plastic entry keys from the room I was vacating.

Breakfast is served in the corridor outside the lifts on the top floor. Very poor selection of items. You are expected to go on the room terrace to eat breakfast. If you can find a seat not covered in pigeon poo you’ll be lucky.

Happy hour is the same – its free wine and beer for 1 hour too, in some way, justify the room tax of $18. We felt awkward taking a drink…. was almost like emotional rations….. and of course…. you enjoy your drinks in the comfort of a pigeon poo encrusted seat.

On the last night, we ordered 3 gin and tonics in the hotel bar on the road outside. No tonic available… we changed the order to 3 mojitos….. they came in massive glasses (although standard drinks required) and we were charged (inc tip) c.$100. YES – $100 for 3 drinks.

Be careful with this hotel.