Marquis Villas Resort

Marquis Villas Resort

Needs to updated

We’ve stayed here a few times before but I think this was our last. On the pro side, the rooms are very large and the location is very convenient to downtown. Now the cons…

First, the shower temperature valve didn’t work. We called the front desk and asked for maintenance to come up and fix it while we were out. We were told they would be right up to show us how to “operate the shower”. Maintenance did come up and verified that yes, it didn’t work. With a pair of pliers, he set the temperature so the shower didn’t scold us and said he’d be back with a new part. Never saw him again.

Second, the internet was unusable and in that, it dropped connection every few minutes and when connected was extremely slow. Again we called the front desk and instead of trying to fix the problem, they told us we had to call the internet provider directly. The internet provider determined it wasn’t their problem and referred us back to the front desk who said they would try to reset the router. Not surprisingly nothing changed and we never heard from the front desk again.

We ended up just using our phones to connect to the internet. And then there was just non-maintenance of the place.

There was something wrong with the sliding door in our bathroom but instead of repairing it, they bolted it so it wouldn’t open.

Major chips in the shower tile, wrinkled carpeting in the hallway, stairway closed, an unreliable card reader for the back door, filthy patio table on the balcony, etc.