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I have been coming to this resort over 30 years on and off, as an ex-owner for that time to me the resort was not up to its usual standard, the rooms always had linen changed mid-week, the towels were changed but the bed linen was not, we just had the bed made and the sheets were very crinkled, when the cleaners were around which is every day now were very noisy slamming the security gates, the resort was mainly timeshare apartments and it used to be Saturday to Saturday change over,but now the resort is changing and people arrive and go most days,so the cleaners are around every day,We were given a list of what the cleaners do on their visit and it said if the apartment was not left as we found it we would be charged £150 and they wanted the dish washer filled with all the items ,we did not use most of them , I am on holiday and don’t want to spend it cleaning. also the gardeners start early and noisy as well.

I understand its under new management, and I think and as I said at the beginning of my review the standards have dropped, it used to have a gold star rating when I first started going, but that was taken away and never got back.

Also both pools were busy and I could only get to use the sunbeds after 4 pm as people left their towels on the beds and saved them in the morning,i went to reception about this issue and was told the lifeguard looked out for people doing this and removed them,but I did not see this happening.

The apartments have marble floors and people above were very noisy with there furniture scrapping chairs and were waken constantly every day and night, and also the slamming of the security gates.

I used to see security around the resort but did not see one any time of the day or night.

I gave this resort 5 stars last time, but it doesn’t live up to this anymore.

I also don’t think its right to pay an electricity bill at the end of the week,my son booked through booking .com and did not pay this as he as told it was included in the price,i had to pay 26 euros for the week when going through MacDonald’s resorts.