Macdonald La Ermita Resort

Macdonald La Ermita Resort

Almost perfect

Just had 2 weeks at la Ermita as we do every year.

We have seen a lot of changes over the passed 17 years.

Wonderful location with magnificent views.

Close to the newly revamped village that even as lifts now to avoid the many steps.

The new style Bistro is great, food much nicer open longer and staff very accommodating and friendly.

All the staff at La Ermita are wonderful.
The resort is kept beautifully clean and tidy.

Now I’m afraid to the downside.

Parking is a nightmare.
The underground car park is a big challenge.
Not only to try to park avoiding the many pillars but also to get in and out of due to the cars parks opposite the entrance.
The indoor pool is supposed to be spa pool.
Very cold this year. Unheated. Unlike other years.
No way can it be called a relaxing spa it’s way too cold.
It’s such a shame because it is truly lovely.
This year the sun loungers and parasols have been removed from the patio next to the indoor pool.
The place people used for relaxing reading and peace and quiet.
Everyone is pushed together now around the outdoor pools.
Awful, you can’t move. Can’t relax.
With music from the bistro and the many people talking.
Which is fine but sometimes you just need a bit of peace and quiet, we can’t understand why this has been done.
We didn’t use the pool area much this year because of it.

Block 1 desperately need a/c in the bedrooms.
The windows have to be closed at night due to the noise from the busy road and other guests sitting on their balconies late into the night.
Which is understandable they are on holiday.
Even with the ceiling fans and a/c in the lounge the bedrooms become stifling.
Difficult to sleep.

WiFi very patchy

It wouldn’t take much for this almost perfect resort to be perfect.
Fingers crossed for next year.