Los Amigos Beach Club by Diamond Resorts

Beware they never give back the deposit!! It’s a Total scam!!

I stayed here last week. Had a terrible time of it.

Although the apartments are nice I was demanded to pay a 100 euro deposit upon checking in.

I notice she only mentioned this to me AFTER I had paid her the room rate. So by this point, there wasn’t much option for me to back out. I was only staying one night and was on my own so it seemed ridiculous.

I didn’t have enough money on my card for it and so eventually she took 50 but promised me I would get this back the next day onto my card.

I should never have trusted her as it didn’t come back and I STILL haven’t got it back nowadays later!! This put me under a lot of stress as I needed that money desperately for petrol. The reception was full of excuses. Trying to blame it all on the bank and saying it depends on how long they will take. It’s all a load of nonsense. If they had debited it back to my card upon check out it should be instant.

They like to tell you they only “block” the money and then return it but it’s not true. Check your bank statements and you will see the money goes directly to them as if you had paid them for a normal transaction. I was also declined a receipt for the deposit even though I stressed to them how could I argue it if it didn’t come back and I have no proof? The attitude is terrible. All lies and excuses and just out to make extra money by not returning the deposits. They put me in a very difficult position that day and didn’t seem to care. I am STILL waiting for my money to come back and not sure if I will ever see it again.

Do not stay here unless you can afford to be messed about financially! There is something fishy about their whole deposit scheme.

Many people on other reviews also saying the same thing.

Additional things I didn’t like about my stay :

  • Walls very thin- can hear next door snoring and everything
  • Limited hot water- shower went cold on me half way through and I had to wait 2 hours for it to re-heat!!
  • Far too much noise first thing in the morning – cleaners dragging noisy trolleys across the walkways outside
  • So all in all a pretty rubbish stay!! I didn’t get a wink of sleep or my deposit back!!

Los amigos beach club by diamond resorts you have a hell of a lot to answer for!!