Liki Tiki Village by Diamond Resorts

Liki Tiki Village

Needs better onsite management!

We’ve been loyal to Liki Tiki for several years and this was our 9th return trip to the property. Upon check-in we were originally placed into a townhouse – but we had to remind front desk agent that we paid to be booked in Building 1400, which her response was “can you show me your email confirmation” to which I showed her and she changed our room. I asked her why this wouldn’t be listed properly and she said, “we don’t get a copy of your confirmation” and have no idea what you booked”. Really?!?

Upon arrival in our room, we quickly discover our front door doesn’t close properly and stays open and there were broken tiles in our bathroom. Also, the outlets in kitchen were not working, so our coffee maker didn’t work. We had a very long day from travelling so we decided to go to bed early and would deal with issues in the AM.

Our night wasn’t much better, as we discovered the paper thin walls and baby next door sounded like he was literally in our living room.
We barely could sleep since the noise was unbearable.

We contacted guest services and they sent a maintenance crew to examine the door, tiles and electrical work that needed to be repaired.
They suggested that we change rooms since the work was significant and would require demolition work.

Guest Services did change our room but offered zero compensation or even a sincere apology for the issues we encountered. They just yes to death when you voice any displeasure with the experience and they really don’t care that we have been with them so many times in the past.

I received a mid-vacation review email to which I responded with our concerns, but when I received a call from front desk, it was just another person trying to convince me to do their time share tour and sales pitch.

Ultimately, they are so caught up in “selling” that nobody cares anymore about “service”.

To them we are just another potential “sale” and they have zero empathy or interest in actually doing the right things for the guest experience.

I truly hope someone in management can turn things around and not just respond with a generic and typical TA response.