Leila Playa Club

Zero Tolerance

I decided to book the Leila Playa as I was heading to Spain from the 20th to the 24th June for my birthday, which was a last minute decision. I was a little concerned about the location as I know it is close to the motorway as I am familiar with the area so I called in advance to be sure the apartment was set closer to the sea which they stated it was so I went ahead and booked.

The arrival was good as we arrived late in the evening about 11.00pm and we felt confident it was going to be an enjoyable stay.

Unfortunately, the apartment was not what we expected it was on the block beside the motorway, the room and was very noisy, dated interior, the sea view was not quite as described unless you craned your neck to look around the balcony. After not getting much sleep after 2 nights due to the noise of the road, housekeeping area (located outside our door) who kicked off at 7.30am every morning and very bright yellow curtains where the sun beamed into the room at 5am every morning, I decided to speak to reception to ask if it was possible to move, I was just not enjoying the experience but equally dislike complaining as an empathetic hotelier.

I spoke to the receptionist to explain my problems at which stage we were abruptly interrupted by a gentleman called Mr.Jose Antonio Ray, who was sat on a desk behind reception listening. He decided it was important for him to become involved even though I did not ask to speak to anyone in charge. He said it was not possible to move me as there were no other apartments available, although it was clear the resort was still selling on booking.com. I explained to him about the noise, our tiny balcony that had two air conditioners blowing out hot air onto them and the curtains that were in no way blackout, I even offered for him to show him the apartment to which he declined. He then went about telling me that I had booked a one bedroom apartment and this is what I got and it was in his own words ‘Not my problem’.

I did not want to start an argument at this stage as I and my partner knew we would not get anywhere with him. His tone was aggressive and his character abrupt, in all of my years in hospitality, I have never encountered a hotel team member in customer service as rude as Mr. Jose A Ray. Surely he could have made the time to at least listen to my problems and try to offer some solution if it was not possible to move us?

At this point, we decided to find a new hotel and I checked out an hour later. On returning the keys I asked was there any form of a refund that could be offered for the last 2 nights to which he responded ‘You want to leave, you leave, we offer no refund’! I totally understand it was prepaid but due to the fact he was unwilling to help surely he could have been more diplomatic in his dealings?

The service journey and encounters at the Leila Playa was very unfortunate particularly due to the fact we only had 4 days in Spain and I was there to celebrate my birthday.

There are many better places to stay in the Costa with far superior service and standards. The other reviews are glowing due to this being a timeshare operation that has lovely apartments closer to the beach but as a private booker, you are relegated to these awful one bed apartments by the road. Do yourself a favour and book somewhere else, no one should be subjected to this level of terrible customer service whilst trying to relax on holidays. They have a lot to learn about good customer service at the Leila Playa.