Le Club Mougins by Diamond resorts

Le Club Mougins – Diamond Resorts

Should five stars.

The property is absolutely beautiful. Rooms are lovely. Bed was somewhat uncomfortable due to being hard. The sad thing is housekeeping. Now I know why they are not five stars. We were here for nine nights. Our room was cleaned once. One day we found bags outside our room on the ground. We were told our clean towels were in the blue bag and to deposit our dirty towels into the brown bag and leave it on the ground by our door. Our last day and I asked the receptionist for clean towels and was told at some point the housekeeper was supposed to do a light cleaning and would give us towels then. She called the housekeeper and the receptionist stated the housekeeper would be to our room shortly. She did come shortly thereafter with clean towels and proceeded to leave as that point I’m giving her the dirty towels and the trash to take with her. This is NOT typical of Diamond Resort properties.