Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Don’t waste your time or money at this place!

If I could give ZERO stars I would!

Never again will I stay at the Westgate in Las Vegas.

We were there for the Mega Meet this past weekend. To start the weekend I was charged for a night that I didn’t even stay. Walking through the casino, 3/4 of the casino was roped off and inoperable.

We get up to our room and its ok. The air is running and I thought nothing of it as we left for the evening. Once we got back to the room, the room was cool but not bad. Woke up Saturday morning to a FREEZING room. Figured I would warm up with a cup of coffee only to find out, yes there was a Keurig, no there wasn’t ANY coffee, cups or fixings provided. Weird.

No biggie, moving on with our day. My 3 kiddos and I spent the day out and returned around 7pm. After turning off the air system that morning, our room was a little chilly when we returned.

Kid’s went to bed and around 10pm our room is FREEZING again. I turned the heat on but only cold air is blowing. Called maintenance around 1030, they said someone would be up to check it out. Cut to 1130 and two calls later and still no maintenance guy. I’ve now moved my babies into one bed and covered them with EVERY blanket in the room. Another call later and a visit to the front desk to speak with a manager and by 12am, you guessed it, still NO maintenance guy.

As I’m speaking with the front desk clerk she tells me that if they need change our room she can only put me in a room with one king size bed. Umm, no lady i have three kids with me. By this time our room is colder than hallway and I can feel the air blowing through the window. 1245am and the maintenance guy finally shows up. Looks at the air system and says it can’t be fixed at the moment.

So here I go, back to the front desk. I speak with the manager again and what?! he miraculously find a room with TWO beds. Here we go, nearly 130am and I’m packing up our belongings and moving my 3 three children across the hotel to a new room. Mind you, my 10 yr old is supposed to compete Sunday morning and is exhausted. 2am and we are FINALLY in another room and guess what? The heater DOESN’T WORK!

I bundle up my babies as well as I can and hope we can get a couple hours of sleep. Next morning at checkout, I voice my concerns and the front desk clerk says that the manager put a note in and didnt charge me the resort fee for the night. Are you kidding me?!? All that bs and they were ‘so kind’ to not charge me what, 20-30 bucks. The clerk Charlotte was great and said she’d speak with the manager and was able to give me a little more of a credit on my bill.

Anyways, this place is horrible and we will NEVER return nor recommend to anyone!! Don’t waste your time or money. Stay anywhere but here.