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If this isn’t a scam, I don’t know what is. Let me explain.

My husband booked a 1-night stay through BOOKING.COM…which is a PRICELINE.COM group…at the Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort. He believed he had booked a room which could be modified or cancelled. He didn’t. It was a careless mistake, but, nevertheless, a mistake. I learned of this the next day and called BOOKINGCOM who told me to call to Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort directly. I did and I was told to call BOOKING.COM again. I again explained the situation to them, and asked them call Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort to speak with a manager. This whole scenario repeated about 3 times. Each party said they had no control over the situation, couldn’t cancel or modify, and that I should just call the other party.

Ok. Finally, I asked to speak with the Resort Manager, Andre, who did a 3-way-call with Jose (assistant manager), who was supposed to call me back. Waited two days. Nothing. Called, and left a number. Waited. No reply. Today, I called Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort again and spoke with another manager. She listened and told me she would contact BOOKING.COM. She came back with, “Sorry, he booked a non-refundable room and we cannot refund.” Ok…but here is the kicker: YOU CAN CANCEL ONLINE FOR A FEE OF $220.00. The room was $261.

It’s not as if I could ask them to mail a hotel room and I could put it up on Ebay.

These people can collect a horrendous “cancellation” fee, and resell the room. Get my point? That “no-you-cannot-cancel-room” suddenly became a cash cow for both BOOKING.COM and THE LAKE TAHOE VACATION RESORT. Oh, and by the way, the reservation is for the middle of April which is plenty of time for them to sell the room. So, there you have it. I have closed my account with BOOKING.COM and would strongly urge my fellow travellers out there to NOT stay at THE LAKE TAHOE VACATION RESORT. Both businesses have made it clear that their customers are irrelevant.