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Club La Concha

Club La Concha, Not sure how many people, especially in America would find this a viable place to visit, but nevertheless, we newlywed Americans paid a visit to Club La Concha, courtesy of Interval International.

Club La Concha does not have the amenities that you’d find in let’s say a Westgate vacation villa, but it is a very very comfortable place to stay if you want to relax on your own private beach. I have to say one thing about Lanzarote, Wine, Wine Wine. We enjoyed the wine, there was lots of it. It is sort of like a beach condo set in a resort. Our Condo was steps from our own private beach. Which we frequented every day, complete with a few bottles of wine, beach towels and other beach necessities.

The Condo was very spacious and came with all the modern day needs. The tub was huge, though do not pay attention to Intervals site, there are no whirlpools AT ALL in this resort. Though you do get a really big bathtub with no jets.

All in all this is a nice place, very nice place. Hopefully if you do go, Victor the bartender will be there. Make sure you ask him to make you a “Corey,” my personal gift to Lanzarote you’ll be happy and drunk, lol.

We loved our trip to Lanzarote and found CLub La Concha to be a tranquil place with very friendly and easy to get along with staff. If we ever do go back to the Canaries, we are definitely going to be staying at Club La Concha. Please visit for pictures of our honeymoon. Though there is not much there as of yet, we will soon be posting everything from Lanzarote on that page.

Effectively putting Club La Concha on the map. If you like a European style vacation and want peace and quiet, go to Club La Concha. And make sure you take the British Airways flight to Madrid and connect using SPanAir, believe us, you will not be disappointed, trust me. This is not like your normal domestic US flight. SpanAir should take over both AA and United, we could use their help. And British Airways. Remember to get the “Corey” from either Victor or Miguel at the bar from Club La Concha.