CLC Kusadasi Golf & Spa

Kusadasi Golf & Spa Resort

We stayed at this hotel from 10-17 September inclusive. On first arrival our room in the Olives was very impressive, with us having been allocated a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with a very large kitchen dining area and a large balcony with a table and six chairs and a very impressive view, including the sun in the afternoon and sunset every night

Unfortunately the air conditioning unit in the living room was making strange noises and dripping constantly from the moment we arrived, to the extent that it was flooding the dining area. We reported this to Reception and maintenance came one night at 10pm – the unit was frozen solid inside and their solution was to whack the temperature up to 30 degrees and leave us sweltering overnight. They then came back and fixed it “properly” the following day but the problem returned again the next day – I did report this to Reception once again but we are still waiting for someone to come and fix it, it’s someone else’s problem now

The housekeeping staff didn’t make an appearance and provide us with clean towels and change the bed until DAY FIVE and this was only because we kept asking Reception when we could expect our room to be cleaned, etc. This is not acceptable as the room wasn’t very clean when we arrived and the bed sheets were all ripped and stained. We usually leave a tip for housekeeping staff when we are away, but not this time as the only time I saw the maids was when they were sitting on our steps smoking!

The food in the main restaurant (CANTEEN) is terrible at breakfast and even worse at dinner time with the same regurgitated food provided at every sitting, the only food I ate in the hotel was from the Pines Snack Bar during the day which was always freshly cooked and tasty. There is no atmosphere in the restaurant and you only get a seat outside if you’re fast, it’s definitely a case of eating and getting out of there as quick as possible. It was also a shame that numerous bars and snack bars around the resort were closed which meant quite a walk to get a drink from certain pools.

I booked the Italian restaurant for our last night as a treat as everyone was saying how good it was – we were very disappointed to discover that the man at Reception hadn’t actually recorded our booking despite us making our menu choices and being assured the booking was made – very disappointing.

It was always an effort in the Aegean Bar to get served (men seem to be served immediately and the women are left waiting) and the place seemed to smell of sick at night, NICE!

The main pool is a nice area, however, the music was far too loud, to the point it sounded tinny, you couldn’t have a conversation and it was very hard going on the ears so we only lasted a morning there. The water slides were good fun and are open most of the day, I asked why the red slide wasn’t in operation and the lifeguard told me there was a water problem – having asked around I found out that the slide cannot be used due to health and safety reasons i.e. it was built with the exit from the slide placed right next to the edge of the pool – a recipe for disaster – doh!
The beach is a good 20-minute drive from the hotel (a bus is provided but you need to book it) and is ok although again we didn’t last long there as there are so many sunbeds regimentally lined up in rows that it wasn’t an enjoyable experience. The food at the beach snack bar is ok.

I had a massage in the hotel spa which was brilliant and very good value for money. We also booked the bus into Kusadasi to escape from the canteen a couple of nights, we ate at Casablanca and Dedem K which were both nice.

My boyfriend lost the second half of his holiday due to a stomach upset and he is still not right, makes me wonder about hygiene practices within this hotel.
This hotel could be amazing if they pulled their socks up and got organised. Also, the manager telling us he hates foreigners wasn’t very conducive to good customer relations!