Jardines del Sol

Jardines del Sol – Diamond Resorts

Won’t be back

The swimming pool area was nice and good for kids. Safeguard Silvia was super sweet and friendly.


1- This property doesn’t have normal cleaning schedules. We booked through booking.com after calling the hotel directly but we were never told that booking through booking.com will have less service from them. After staying for one day, we were told that we don’t have daily room cleaning, changing towels etc service included – they’d only clean the room once in 3 days and if we have to pay 30-40 EUR extra if we wanted to get the room cleaned. Being in a hot climate and using towels daily after 2 days the kitchen area was disgusting. We told the front desk staff Maria that we did not see these conditions on booking.com but she was not kind at all about it and just told us to talk to booking.com ourselves even though this is clearly some sort of house rule that they didn’t state properly on the listings. She said they are a big company so she doesn’t know who wrote what on their website. It’s a joke. had we known this was the case, we would’ve been more prepared.

2- if you use towels at the swimming pool, you have to pay an extra 1 EUR each day. The coffee at the reception from the machine needs to be charged 1 EUR per cup. Limited bathroom amenities, a toothbrush is 2.5 EUR, and no room sandals, to use the computer is 1 EUR for 20 minutes. To play the soccer game by the pool, you need 1 EUR…

3- room was nice but was not cleaned well. The floor still had lots of dust, bed sheet and pillowcase had dirty spots, dishes at the kitchen was a bit dirty, the coffee machine still had leftover coffee dripping…

4- lots of mosquitos… we had a baby with us so that was really annoying.

5- the villa was close to the swimming pool but you might feel disturbed during the day or evening with the noise from the pool lessons and the bar.

Maria at the front desk basically told us that since they are a timeshare resort and if we are not owners we won’t get many services by booking through 3rd party companies. Location was pretty far from the beach as well and no place to shop around either. We won’t be back here again for sure.