Island Links Resort

Island Links Resort

Too Many Issues Here

We spent two weeks in a three bedroom unit.

The furniture and floor plan are pretty much out of fashion. The location is close to most North end activities and restaurants. Next year we will stay closer to the action near the beach and good restaurants.

The fitness center has the normal Matrix machines, they work but are collector’s items.

There are no free weights and the weight machines aren’t user-friendly.

Our check in with Keith went well and later Triana shined as she worked hard to exceed our expectations.

The only heated pool is relatively small and slightly worn.

Every morning around ten AM the Blower Troll shows up and proceeds to raise the decibels to unacceptable levels while accomplishing nothing around the pool.

The units are generally quiet but parking is a challenge.

There have been numerous roach sitings over time. We asked them to spray but they wanted to attack the issue when our grandkids were there.

The kitchen is big and it was fully equipped.

They supplied plenty of towels but they were worn and scratchy.

Speaking of scratchy, their TP was like sandpaper and the prolonged use became irritating.

Their TP is the cheapest ever found and compared to Mickey D’s, Mickey’s felt like Charmin.

Most timeshare properties will include a coffee starter along with sugar, sweetener, and cream. There were none here.

Shampoo, conditioner and body wash are always available but not Island links.

They had a welcome meeting that was so overcrowded half the guests were seated 100 yards from the food and drink. No mics for you.

The beds were of average comfort but the pillows were inadequate.

At 3 AM, we had a power surge from a car show next door that completely disrupted our sleep. The alarms were chirping loudly all morning and the TV’s were thumping so loudly we thought they would pop. There was no one to call. We rang the number for their central support at the Coral Sands but no one returned our call until in the afternoon. Yikes.