Holiday Inn Club Vacations Williamsburg Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Williamsburg Resort

Dealt with the Devil Himself!

I will NEVER stay in another Holiday Inn again!! I was invited to stay in a hotel and attend a 2 hr preview of the resort for free.

I would really get a cash back after I was done with the preview. First, the company messed up my stay and told me we were staying at the resort itself. I called ahead to confirm with the resort and they said yes, I had a reservation. I get there for a late check-in and the security guard has no key for us. He calls the night manager (Jenn) and she refuses to give us a room and told us to go to La Quinta Inn…we didn’t stay there because they had cockroaches…we were stranded for a night. The security guard was so nice to us and talked the night manager into giving us an emergency room that belonged to no one…which she lied about! In the morning we sorted out the ordeal with the 800 number. They moved us to a Holiday Inn Express.

When we went back for the 2 hr preview we told Raul, the salesman about the experience and he apologized and said he would try and get us a deal if we did business with him. After 2 hrs went by, Raul still refused to discuss numbers with me about the Timeshare business he was trying to sell. I brought it to his attention that we were 20 min passed the 2 hr and he still has not discussed numbers with me. So, 45 min passed the 2 hrs the “top sales guy” comes and talks to us-his name is Daven or something…They took my license and credit card to “run numbers for the best deal”.

I made a phone call during that time and decided not to go through with the deal. When Raul returned I said I wasn’t going to take the deal and that I would like my things. That D-name jerk came back and he tried to lecture me about how planning for the future was the worst idea he ever heard and that if we didn’t take this deal he was happy because it meant that we would spend nights in the hotels and burn more of our money into his company. He preferred that we would spend more money on the hotels and “rent” our stay wherever we decided to travel.

Well, hate to tell you…you just lost my business for your hotels too. I asked him to please go and get my things. He refused to go get them and started lecturing me about my decision to say no was really my father’s and that my father controlled my life. I told him no it was my decision and he continued to argue. I stood up and demanded my things and my boyfriend told him in a loud voice, “We don’t need this harassment!”

I hope the couple across the aisle heard us and didn’t buy anything. I have never been treated in such a way!!! Even after that he refused to get my things until I raised my voice. It was the worst experience ever and Holiday Inn has FOREVER LOST MY BUSINESS! Thank you Jenn and Daven…whatever your name is for being the worst people in the hospitality business!