Holiday Inn Club Vacations Villages Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Villages Resort

Never Again

We saw the ad on the internet and all of the fun things to do, indoor water park, marina, paddle boats, putt-putt golf and indoor arcade with Subway and a pizza restaurant.

Having a family of 5 plus a grandchild I thought what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

So you arrive and the line to check in is to the door. It takes 45 mins to an hour to reach a desk clerk. Once you do you find out the indoor water park is not included. That’s the first deal then after you get registered and are given your room your sent to another person who is to assign you your parking pass but here they start the hard sell, if you go to a sales meeting for 90 minutes they will discount the water park tickets and trail ride tickets.

Ok you have kids who you bought just for those things you thought were included in the resort so you agree to go in the morning to the 90 minute sales meeting. Ok red flags already. The room we were given was in the president beach club and it was beautiful. So I’m thinking hey I did good haha. I have no complaints on the room but wondered why we were given such a beautiful room.

So the next morning you go to the sales pitch and yea that sucks, you came for family time no stress and you budgeted and now you have to go through this to get those tickets. After it’s over you start your day.

But wait you go to the water park it’s small and crowded because it’s open to the public also and you get inside and if you aren’t honest and go to the gift shop desk to pay and get your wristband you could just walk in because the scanners for the wristbands at the entrance don’t work so people are just walking in and out. The bathroom locker area was nasty. So there’s a Subway and a pizza place inside the water park.

The service was the worst, we had to ask for fresh vegetables because what they were going to put on our sandwiches was unfit. The wife wanted a wing dinner from the pizza place and was told by the employee you have to buy a pizza to buy wings, really that’s a new one. So if you go the employees lack any kind of quality control or enthusiasm for their job. So after that we go to one of the numerous pools because my daughter wanted to work on a tan. They give you a pool pass card when you register and it states must be shown to use the pools. Wrong the pool was full of people not from the resort and drinking smoking and grown men staring at my 16 yr old so bad that she covered up her swimsuit and sat behind me. Really the kind of place you don’t want to bring your family because I was close to going to jail.

You go on vacation to relax enjoy the place you picked and dump stress. I had to walk my daughters out of the pool area where there was no resort employee checking who entered the resort pool so anyone could drive up and use it.

We were told later we only staff the pool during peak season, oh really that’s on your website too I guess that guest can’t feel safe. Restrooms at pools had urine and faeces on floor overflowing trash. People entered the pool area went to our table stood there looking around then started going through our stuff and sitting in our chairs luckily I was watching and confronted them or we would of lost phones and towels.

Between feeling unsafe, the sales pitch and waiting in line forever, employees at the water park and water park restaurant who could care less, why would you go spend your hard earned money and feel and be treated this way.

The trail ride with Sheila on Sunday was great and Steve in the activities building was great after he learned of the hell we had been through Saturday. Won’t go back and will make sure none of my family or friends waste their time or money there.