Holiday Inn Club Vacations Timber Creek Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Timber Creek Resort

Timber Creek Resort in De Soto, MO

My parents and I flew into St. Louis from opposite coasts and arrived in the afternoon then had to drive to De Soto. When we arrived at the lodge it was hard to get someone’s attention to help us, they were not friendly at all. Then our room wasn’t ready and the lady informed us that check in was at 5pm.

As if to say we were too early to be checking in. When I looked at the time it was already past 5:00pm and then her tune changed saying how they had so many people checking out that day and it was just so overwhelming so our room wasn’t clean yet. Mind you, there was only one other couple in the lodge with us at the time and everything was very quiet. They said they would call us when the room was ready. So we went down the road to get dinner.

At 6:30 there was still no phone call. We contacted the lodge and they said our room still wasn’t ready. So we decided to go to the local grocery store and buy bottled water and snacks for our room.

By 8:00pm we still had no phone call. We drove back to the lodge and at 8:30pm our room still wasn’t ready! By now we had a very long day of travelling. No explanation was really being given for the delay. Staff would hardly make eye contact with us. Its like they were trying to ignore the situation and our increasing frustration. They were having some personal conversation right in front of us. It was very inappropriate and unprofessional.

We could understand if something unexpected happened but no apology was given whatsoever and the fact they were rude and unapologetic is completely unacceptable. We were given free meal coupons at their activity centre because our room hadn’t been ready on time, (still no apology) The food at the activity centre is disgusting by the way.

All pre-packaged food that is heated up and very greasy.

If you would like a nice breakfast out go to the Country Cafe down the road. Excellent food and homemade pies. When we did get to our room (which actually wasn’t supposed to be ours but they had to give us someplace to stay cause our intended room STILL wasn’t ready) it was clean and well kept.

I was disappointed again in the staff the day that we left when we went to return the keys. They hardly pay attention to you. So our actual living quarters for the week were clean, make sure you keep your voices very low because the walls are extremely paper-thin!

Our biggest complaint is about the rude and unprofessional staff at this property. They need some etiquette and training on interacting with guests!