Holiday Inn Club Vacations Sunset Cove Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Sunset Cove Resort

Sunset Cove – Marco Island

Just got back from Easter weekend at Sunset Cove and didn’t have a bad experience. It’s important that you understand exactly what you’re getting into with this resort.

We booked three nights on Expedia but discovered when we arrived that we would have to pack up and move rooms because this resort shows priority to weekly rentals, which run Saturday to Saturday. We were told the owner was coming in and we had to get out. That was a lie, it was a weekly renter.

We bumped into them in the lobby and they asked for directions to the room we just vacated. We had to vacate our room at 10 and didn’t get to our new room until 4. Sunset Cove is a couple of miles from the beach next to a grocery store and a vacant lot.

You have to drive a couple miles to one of the two public beaches at Marco Island.

You have to pay $6 to park and there are no chairs, towels, or umbrellas available for rental. No daily maid service.

The resort is not a kid-friendly since there is nothing for them to do.

The very small pool closes at dusk and was closed for two of the days we were there because a Baby Ruth was discovered at the bottom of the pool.

Not my kids. Easter Sunday morning after getting back from church and the 45 minute line at Starbucks (there is only one on the island), we were called by the front desk that we had to get out of our room by 10AM. We missed our 10 AM deadline by 15 minutes and they slammed our credit card with a $50 late check-out fee.

The real reason why they wanted us out is there were very few people checking out on Sunday so they didn’t want to pay the cleaning people for sitting around.

The people that run the resort treat you like your an inconvenience and for $600 a night it isn’t worth it.

Stay someplace else.