Holiday Inn Club Vacations South Beach Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations South Beach Resort


Was told like others if I paid 199. In advance would get beautiful 2bedroom condo with kitchen up to 4 adults 3/nights stay to come to check out property and listen to sales marketing program during the stay. I was so excited and now am angry I was so stupid to be scammed. Holiday inn anything has lost my and my family’s business going forward after association with such a bunch of scammers.

I have not even gone and like others already found out when you call to make reservations there are no 2bedroom beautiful condo accommodations with kitchen for 4 adults, there is only a 2 bed standard hotel room. Lies, lies, lies. I asked reservations why would I pay 199 in advance to stay in a 2b standard room and you want me to purchase a vacation club package and listen to marketing for vacation club purchase??? No way, I asked to speak to the manager, was told manager not available to speak to me even after holding. Sales agent told me after I held over 20 min ” my manager told me to tell you…”. I again asked to speak to manager directly and was told manager was not available to speak to me again after holding again, I told agent I did not want to be told what manager was saying second hand but to speak directly to manager and was told she would not speak directly to me she was to busy even to call me back.

So much for my wonderful vacation that I cannot even make a reservation for. I was even calling to change to a week-long stay and add 4 nights to my 3-night stay. I could not get accommodations I had told I would get or speak to the manager. Now I tell everyone don’t bother even contacting holiday inn for anything you will never be sure what you are getting and risk your hard earned vacation being ruined by believing this scam as I did.

I even contacted our closest area holiday inn express manager to try to speak to anyone at holiday inn management and was told by the manager he had heard directly other people like me that were scammed by holiday inn club vacations. turns out Holiday Inn Club Vacations is not run by or part off Holiday Inn, they a third party and the manager I spoke to apologized but said nothing he could do as this was not part of Holiday Inn directly. This was after I explained that when I called to book a stay at Holiday Inn express reservations line I was also told about Holiday Inn Club Vacation and offered 3 night stay in the 2 separate bedrooms with kitchen for 199.00 if I paid the 199. that day and had a year to book the stay. How would I not assume Holiday Inn was not affiliated with Holiday Inn Club Vacations. The HI express manager again apologized and again said nothing could be done by Holiday Inn to assist me and he hoped that corporate office did not renew this third party to represent vacation offers again because of the negative feedback from myself and others that were causing brand confusion and bait and switch offers like I was told and he had heard about similar situations from other dissatisfied customers coming in and sharing concerns with him.

I work to hard to loose the 199. I already paid but am not going to throw more hard earned money to Holiday Inn ever again. I will go to South Beach but Holiday Inn will have lost my business forever over this misrepresentation. I will take my 7 night stay with my family and find accommodations with a reputable hotel I can trust and never recommend Holiday Inn anytime to anyone because I will never be sure what or who I am associating with when you can call Holiday Inn to book a reservation and get sold down the river because it’s not really Holiday Inn after all that you are speaking to.

I am 55 and used to manage a beautiful resort in the white mountains of New Hampshire. I can tell you I have heard of vacation clubs as they are in our area, as it is a year-round resort destination, but never have I heard of this type of outsourced misrepresentation from any resort or vacation ownership group in my area. I may live in the beautiful north woods but I was not born yesterday and advise anyone to steer clear of this outfit and like me call it a loss on the 199 and stay with a hotel or resort you trust and always call property directly as I should have done and not believed what I was told and paid in advance for. Fool me once and in this case, Holiday Inn was a fool now they no longer have the name brand trust I extended them but I will rest assured they will never have a chance to scam me again.

Michelle Rancourt 55 years young and never to old to learn a life lesson such as this. Hopefully, my loss will save someone else from making the mistake I did.