Holiday Inn Club Vacations Piney Shores Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Piney Shores Resort


We were in Houston because a family member was getting married. We had heard good things about the hotel and decided to stay there for our 5 day trip. On our first day, we were initially put into these cottages like hotel rooms. We had requested a room with a view of the lake but instead, we were way at the back with a view of the other pool. When coming into the hotel, we noticed cockroaches EVERYWHERE. They were all across the walkways and outside the doors. It was absolutely disgusting.

The worst of it was when we found one in our room. This was horrible and we ended up killing about three. In addition to this, the rooms didn’t appear to be even cleaner. There were hairballs everywhere that looked as if a cat had been there before us and no one bothered to clean up. The only plus side I have to say about these rooms was that the mattresses were incredibly comfortable.

It was probably one of the best sleep I’ve had in years. The next morning, we were so fed up with the rooms that we headed down to the front desk. John was incredibly helpful. He addressed our concerns and even managed to transfer us to the rooms we were expecting.

We had other family coming in the next day and John was even able to change their room to one in the same building. These rooms were gorgeous. Bigger, brighter and definitely cleaner. The cockroaches were outside the main floor but luckily there was an elevator and the bugs stayed outdoors instead of in the rooms. We were so relieved to be in new rooms and we were looking forward to the rest of the trip.

After the first night in our new room, I woke up with a lot of itchy-ness on my left arm, when I looked in the mirror I notice about 5 small bug bites but I played it off as mosquitoes. That same night, we had more family arrive. This is when we noticed that there were no extra linens for the pull out couch which were incredibly frustrating. The next morning I noticed more bites. This amount grew until we checked out just yesterday leaving me with 21 bites on just one arm.

Other family members in our room had these bites. It was absolutely horrible. We consulted with our family physician once we returned home and he told us that they were bed bugs. I have never been so disgusted by a hotel in my life. Bedbugs!?!?!?!

My family and I will likely not return to this hotel. I’d still like to mention though that despite the horrible rooms, customer service was amazing.