Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orlando Breeze Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orlando Breeze Resort

Silverleaf has earned quite the bad reputation in my opinion due to dissatisfaction in virtually EVERY aspect of their existence with my experiences. The rooms are rundown and in need of repairs at EVERY resort I have ever visited, the customer service usually boils down to “Sorry, I can’t do that…”, and the salesmen are out and out liars.

This particular trip I was sold a “Presidential 3 room suite” at Orlando Breeze so when I arrive I am in an RV only to find that they do not allow RV parking ANYWHERE on their property. Well, that poses 2 problems for me #1 that is the ONLY vehicle we have brought, and #2 they want me to PAY to park it at the local RV camping place where I will have to pay to park even though I am not camping there :( (Nowhere on the website or brochures do they tell you there is no RV parking.) Luckily, Yasmine- the day manager helped us out by allowing us to park out in the back of the resort in the area where maintenance has some storage pods. Thank you, Yasmine!!!

So… upon entry to our room, we are highly distressed at the shape our room is in. Linoleum floors that are peeling up, fixtures hanging haphazardly from the ceiling, shower heads that should be artefacts in a museum somewhere, poorly repaired furniture with nails protruding THROUGH THE CUSHIONS!! This is Presidential? What freaking president would be staying in this slummy joint? I called Yasmine up and told her surely there was some mistake- um, we are “Presidential” owners… She quickly tells me that all of their rooms are considered presidential because they have 3 bedrooms but only their NEW 2 bedroom suites are upgraded with the tile floors, large tubs, better beds, etc. O_O WHAT?!?! I was sold a three bedroom PRESIDENTIAL that doesn’t even EXIST?! Um, I do believe that is bait and switch which happens to be ILLEGAL business practice! If you go to the company website you will notice that the “Presidential” are absolutely pictured as the nicer upgraded rooms- again with false advertisements due to “all of their units being considered “Presidential” at this resort. Another note- the pool is tiny though clean, there are no playgrounds for children. The only things this RESORT- and I use that term VERY loosely, is a volleyball court and basketball court and the tiny pool and hot tub.

Ok, so needless to say, this IS NOT a place I recommend doing business with. I would stay here only if I could find absolutely nothing better. I would HIGHLY advise you NOT TO BUY ANYTHING from this company.

I am currently in negotiations to change home resorts seems how mine home resort is a complete dump with no 3 bedroom Presidential – even though they may try and sell you that very thing!

As the last comment- it appears the money that the owners pay for “maintenance” monthly is being spent to build new buildings in order to be sold to new people. The building that you bought into unfortunately is yours FOREVER, which means all your funds that should be being used to keep your unit nice and up to date is simply being pumped into new sales. Your room will continue to rot. This is a very poorly run business. No money is ever invested back into the older units to keep them up- its all about new sales. BEWARE.