Holiday Inn Club Vacations Oak N' Spruce Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Oak N’ Spruce Resort

Sales pitch

We learned about this sales pitch while at a street fair with my 15 year old sister and my bf’s 5 year old daughter. The guy who told us about it said that there would be stuff for them to do there. They could play miniature golf, swim, etc. He assured us that there would be plenty for them to do. We did it because this was the only day we had available. The promised gifts were $200 restaurant gift cards, stay at great Escape lodge, 2 night stay and reimbursement for the 40 We had to give him to reserve our spot. He said the place was 1.5 hours away. He lied it was 2.5 with several tolls. I wanted the free gifts, so we just went. We got to the location and was told the kids could not use the pool or mini golf. So my 15 year old sister sat around for 3 hours. They tell you two, but it’s longer. The younger one was allowed to go into an activity room but the 15 year old was “too old”. The attendant in the room was very rude and said the sign states it right here. That sign was not in the lobby, nor was it facing people when you walk in. These two things already had us turned off. So we meet w Jim for the presentation. He’s a very nice guy and we can tell he’s new. The property is nice but the numbers he throws at you are quite shocking.

We were interested in a timeshare if the price was right. We were told to say no and they will keep going down. The offer started at 585 a month with 8000 down, etc. We told him we weren’t interested. I was just too turned off to the events that I would not get a timeshare here after all of this. We were scammed into going and Noone tried to justify it by allowing the kids a day pass. Horrible service. There was an extra fee or points for everything. He wanted my bfs license so that he could go back to his manager for a better deal. We told him no. Then he came back with the manager, Desiree and she offered us a timeshare for 173 a month for 1200 down. We told her we weren’t interested. She offered to eliminate the down payment and give us 60000 points. We said no and she was not pushy. We told her about our experience. We waited and waited and another girl came. She took a survey and offered another deal. We said no. She took us to our prizes. The gift cards are for, so make sure you know what that is first. It will cost you money to use them. We haven’t tried using the other prizes yet, but I’m sure there’s a catch now. I am interested in buying a timeshare in the future. However, this experience has shown me that it will probably not be with this company.