Holiday Inn Club Vacations Mount Ascutney Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Mount Ascutney Resort

Worst Holiday Inn management ever!

I booked and stayed with the hopes of a relaxing weekend in Vermont. What I found was a resort that was one of the inner circles of hell!

The staff was poorly trained, unprofessional, inadequately prepared, and downright awful. They had difficulty with the simplest request or direction and often did not accomplish the task asked of them… that’s when you get them to answer the phone! They let the front desk phone ring and ring.

The road to our building was dirt and not lit. Not safe at all. The door to the main building was unlocked, also not safe. Our villa had not been properly cleaned nor stocked; we were told housekeeping during our stay was not an option. The building of our villa had multiple floors and no elevator… another nice surprise late at night. The room was excessively noisy late into the evening with no action taken by the staff. The room smelled “musty” with a strong smell of air freshener to hide the odour.

The resort had really no decent scheduled activities for guests and you were “on your own” if you wanted to find things to do. Of course, they steer you towards their dining room which was not special or memorable at all – it is as if they took a small conference room and decided to turn it into a dining room for guests. Throw some paint and decorations and hope for the best!

There was no cell phone service at all! The internet rarely worked and, when it did, it was so slow. So painfully slow.

The staff managed to mess up our departure day so we had housekeeping pounding on our door at 7a before our day of departure! I did ask for a late check out for when we did depart and was told “no.”

This resort does not recognize Platinum Elite Status or value their members as they should. No mention of it. No amenity points. Nothing. Just a total mess. Well that’s after the front desk staff could be located (he was out back smoking per the engineering staff who were on covering front desk, dressed like common day labourers and nothing like a first impression should be.). When the desk staff did show up, smelling of smoke, he finally checked us in as though it was a bother.

The cable TV rarely worked as did the a/c. Called to have that addressed but it went to voicemail – yes folks, a front desk that has voice mail! How nice.

The balcony provided a great view… of a burned down, partially collapsed building. How romantic. The room had bugs… lots of bugs. They do not clean well. So be warned. Bring Raid because they won’t fix it.

The bill was also incorrect. The wrong amount had been charged despite confirming multiple times over with the staff. If you are lucky enough to actually reach the person they call front office “manager” be warned. She is not only inept but also one of the rudest people I have ever met at any hotel. She is nasty, degrading, and blames the guest!!!! She does know her own rules, doesn’t return phone calls, and when she does she hangs up the phone when she doesn’t agree with you! Horrific manager at their finest everyone. Someone with a job about people who cannot deal with people.

This hotel is disgusting. It is like going to one of the outer rings of hell!! Avoid it at all costs. It’s a waste of time, money, and sanity. This is horrific and I have no doubt it will be shut down soon. It’s just nasty. And there is a special place in hell for some of the staff, too.

You have been warned. Avoid it or waste your vacation!